Saturday, January 31, 2009

I have been blessed....................

I have been blessed with a new friend.....MARY at Quilt Hollow sent me this little gift.....just cause....She sent me a sweet little hanging cute. She also sent a little Redwork Kit.The card is a pattern with Mr&MRs snowpeople.......Needles in a matchbook,thread and a neat thread holder.I have not done any redwork, but now I can try it. Go look at have some neat things.
This is the needle match book closed up and the thread tin,called "The String Thing"loaded up with floss.There is a magnet on the lid to hold my scissors........
This all came about when she posted on her blog that she was beggin for fabric........I found and bought a 1/2 yd of it.When I emailed her she had already recieved it from someone else that day in the mail...... No problem,I am glad to have it.........Next thing I know I get this little gift "just cause".......
You are a blessing and new friend..........Thank You!


  1. Your really touched me that somebody who doesn't even know me would go buy the fabric and offer. Thank you for the gesture of friendship.

  2. Hi Amy, You are a blessing! There should be more people like you around. We would live in a better place. I love that little thread holder. I have not seen that before. I must check into that. Have a great weekend.

  3. Mmmm, must admit I have to agree with you on your favourite man - sorry, he's already taken, by me (lol)! I fell in love with him on the mini-series The North and The South - now that's a long time ago! God bless him and let's hope he is comfortable and pain-free!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. It so nice to have quilting friends around to make you feel good...and you deserved your little "just cause" package...
    Loved that little tin to hold thread...:o)

  5. How nice of you and how nice of Mary. Her and I are North Carolina neighbors. I have one of those thread holders I need to get out and use since I am doing some redwork too.

  6. What a wonderful surprise! Blessings come in so different packages. Enjoy!

  7. I have some of those same needles and they stitch beautifully! What a delight to receive such wonderful treasures in the mail!