Sunday, February 15, 2009

New toy for me.....and a bargain.

I found this little gem yesterday and for only $4.........Its was my feel better present to myself.....I have been sick with allergies and crud for about 4 I was deserving.....
I have a bunch of Reproduction fabric left over from Second Hand Clothes quilt top, so I will do the little triagle quilt on the cover........Miss Quilt Hollow showed me hers,so I have to have one too!


  1. So sorry you have been feeling bad. Yes, you deserve to feel better with your book and fabric.

  2. How lucky finding that book for a bargain! I'd love to se the triangle quilt made up, then I'd have to make one for me, LOL

  3. Love the little triangle quilt. Is it doll size? Glad you're feeling better.

  4. Are you feeling better? Oh, I hope so!

    This is a delightful book - even if you just sit and look through it. :-)