Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crazy Stupid Texas Weather

We live in West Texas.Our Mesquite trees have leafed out which is a sign of no more freezing.Yesterday it was 93 at 7:00 pm....At 7:00am this morning it was 31 degrees and ice pellets hitting the roof.......can you say 61 degree difference.This can make you crazy when it happens.I have 13 pots of flowers on the front and back porch, that are now all over the kitchen floor...Oh well, this too shall pass.


  1. I'll match you with crazy stupid Minnesota weather! I still have snow banks alongside my driveway and tonight there are predictions of 8 to 12" of "that white stuff." Enough is enough! The only good part of this extended winter it not needing an excuse to stay in the house and quilt.

  2. I live in OKC and it was in the 80's Tues., got up yesterday to ice on our trees, plants, etc. Now there are trees down all over town. In our neighborhood a beautiful redbud in full bloom split down the middle and now is gone, so sad. Now wheat farmers are worried, 28 last night, on green fields, Can you see bread prices going up now!!!

  3. I live in Texas a well and our electric bill is out of sight...the weather has been pretty nasty this year.

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